Bestie Bake Sesh

My best friend from college came to visit me TWO weekends in a row. This girl is always ready for an intense culinary adventure-or several rolled into one.

Here’s a snapshot of weekend #2:

IMG_0050What you are looking at is a random assortment of hard labor and good eats: (left to right) nitrate-free corn dogs, cornbread muffin, apple fritters, nitrate-free breakfast sausage dogs, grandma’s mashed potato recipe, the best ever batch of potato chips and baked garlic parmesan french fries.

The weekend before that we put about 8 hours in to making tamales. My absolute favorite. Despite buying lard (first time for everything!) and tamale masa- corn husks eluded me. Bestie came to the rescue and supplied the corn husks. We ended up with about 50 tamales. IMG_0028

I was mostly pleased with the tamales- better than I expected, but not as good as my favorites from the restaurant back home. The sauce is a whole other issue- didn’t plan it out well enough ahead and realize it is a job in its own. I enjoyed the challenge and think I’ll make them again- but surely I’ll need my buddy.IMG_0031



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