Branching Out

Something new from the cottage, granted it’s not from the cupboard, but it will instead go into the cupboard! More “Pinspiration” from mason jars, terrariums and the neighbor’s lovely row of succulents out front influenced me to try my hand. I love fresh peppermint and I desperately wanted to grow some of my own. I purchased several herbs and succulents and we are hoping this little garden will be just the beginning of our agricultural adventures, efforts to get more fresh food on the table and live more sustainably.

I’m very glad to say the little plants have been growing! I wasn’t sure if I could keep them alive, but the sun shines brightly on our little cottage and the rain falls gently. Aren’t we lucky? 🙂

I planted herbs in mason jars and succulents in the pots, all of which fit so nicely into my old “grocery and apartment swapping” wagon from college. It was adorable, nostalgic and mobile for optimal sun exposure.

Of course the plant I was most concerned about lagged, I trimmed away and eventually, it came back. Here’s after the planting:IMG_3065A month or so later, the succulents are sprouting every which way, the peppermint has come back to life and is beginning to creep out of the jar. Soon there will be mojitos with fresh mint from the garden and stew with fresh oregano, basil and rosemary.


Nearby is the maple tree that my man has been growing about as long as we’ve been together, maybe a bit longer, fun to watch grow with us:
IMG_3133Also enjoying the warm sunny day out on the deck:


It is mid-May and since I had kept my plants alive for a while now…

I decided to add some strawberries to the jar garden:



Entering June, 3 of the 6 strawberry plants began to bear fruit. Too bad the squirrels got to them before they had a chance to grow. The individual jars made it hard to keep them protected and the plants didn’t seem to love it, so I replanted everything. Prying 10 plants out of glass jars was not easy, took about 2 hours with a spoon. I chose to take a hammer to the rootbound mint plant, but the other 9 were easily transferred. Luckily I made good judgments for each plant and was very gentle throughout, so the plants are all looking healthy today. Photos soon!


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