Chocolate Inspirations

Though these are not my own creation, they have inspired my baking and are drool-worthy reminders of the wonders that originate from the cacao bean.



First up: on a trip to Masse’s Pastries in Berkeley, I couldn’t resist much of anything. I came home with three…two and half…treats. Each of them was absolutely amazing. Chef Paul Masse takes great care in creating delectable flavors in the perfect presentation. IMG_0540


Another great spot for chocolate in Berkeley: Chocolatier Blue. Chef Blue is creative with his flavors, they feature over 20 flavors including passion fruit caramel, pb&j and vanilla rum. They are a great gift because they are gorgeous- each one painted up like a chocolatey jewel and the packaging is simple and pretty, sorry I didn’t photograph it…next time!


Lastly (for now)- on a trip to Seattle, WA to visit one of my XO sisters at grad school, she brought us to Dilettante a chocolate haven. I didn’t have much faith in the idea, but I love chocolate and vodka, and it blew my mind. 

To come: Photos of some jaw dropping truffles. I discovered them at Powell’s Sweet Shoppe in Berkeley, only to discover they originate from Sacramento, CA. Truffles are little pieces of heaven, and these are the kind reserved for the angels. The champagne and chocolate decadence are my favorites.

Also, I recently discovered that Casa De Chocolates (Berkeley) has the best chocolate cupcake in town. I know because we tested it against about 12 others. It was the best breakfast ever, thanks Kate! 😉


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