Homemade Potato Chips

Today I finally went out and purchased an essential culinary tool, a mandoline! Technically the Kyocera Slicer, a simple 4-option mandoline. This tool is absolutely required to make potato chips. (It is also the best purchase in my kitchen, and a mere $25.) Here’s how I did it:

Tool, clean cutting surface, potato, lots of clean paper towels, salt  (Have vegetable oil, tongs and saute pan ready nearby too)



Set the slicer for 2.0 mm** and apply gentle pressure to the front of the potato as it hits the blade. (**UpdateI The photo shows .5mm, obv very thin. After several more iterations, we agreed 2.0 is best, but its always preference thing)

Spread them out individually on layers of paper towels to dry them. After finishing a potato, press the layers of potatoes/paper towels to squeeze out as much moisture as possible.



A deep fry is preferable, I mostly use a very large and deep pot. Fill a 8-10″ saute pan with a small layer of vegetable oil and heat it to medium. Once the oil is hot, drop a few of the slices into the pan individually.

imageYou’ve gotta watch these close, depending on how hot you’ve got the oil, you may have 5-15 seconds between flipping them over and another 10 or so before gently removing them off with tongs and moving them on to clean paper towels to dry.

imageOnce these are cool and dry (which is pretty quickly), toss a little bit of salt on and contain.



Updated 2 mm chips are the best. These particular chips were made with round 2 potato chip oil that had been used a week or so prior and stored in glass jars. They tasted just as great as the others, but the centers turned darker a little more quickly. I used the large, deep fry pot with about 6-8 cups of vegetable oil for these and gave them a quick salt afterward to achieve these awesome chips.



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